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Web Site Hosting

To ensure the optimum performance of all of our client websites, we offer web hosting exclusively to our web design clients, with web space and bandwidth tailored according to individual needs.

Our primary webhosting is served from top-specification webservers, securely housed in a 24-hour manned, evironmentally controlled datacentre. A CCTV system and secured entry ensures the physical protection of the servers.

The data centre in which our servers reside is the London Hosting Centre, situated in London's Docklands.

Network resilience and redundancy is provided with multiple Internet links. The datacentre is also backed up by an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) that keeps everything running in the event of an electrical blackout.

The servers are monitored every hour of every day by experienced technical staff and advanced monitoring software, which provides immediate notification should any issues arise.

All servers are powerfully specified with RAID 5 hard disk configurations for optimum redundancy.

Our web hosting terms and conditions.

Standard Web Hosting Features

POP Email accounts with webmail access

Personalised email accounts featuring:
  • Full email accounts with your own POP/SMTP servers allow you to use desktop email clients such as Outlook to send and receive email.
  • Web-based email access means that you can send and receive email from almost any web browser with an Internet connection.
  • Powerful spam and virus filtering to save you time and protect your computer.
  • Autoresponders to help you promote your business and provide enhanced customer service.

Graphical Website Statistics Package

Industry-leading, easy-to-use, graphical, browser-based statistics package that provides in-depth information on who visits your website. Find out:
  • which web pages and files are the most popular,
  • where visitors are coming from,
  • what phrases and terms they're using in search engines in order to find you,
  • how visitors navigate through your site,
  • much, much more...

Backup and security

  • Easy backup facility to keep your entire website safe.